The Resort

The Dancing Bear

The Dancing Bear has a lot to offer. Play some Pool Billiard with your family, join us for movie nights or simply sit in front of the cozy fireplace and play a round of checkers.

There are also cards available at the bar while sipping your homemade malt.

If you feel hungry, order tasty food from our daily menu.

The Dancing Bear is also the place where you can get your daily supplies as well as some merchandise.

- DVD Movie Rentals

- Ice-Cream Treats

- Desserts

- Groceries

- Ice-Cubes & Blocks

- Firewood

- Merchandise

You probably see it now: There is always a good reason to drop in!

The Reception / Gift-Shop

This is where you check in when you get here first.

Browse through our Official Lodge of Whispering Merchandise and get your mother-in-law a unique Christmas gift.

We are more than happy to assist you with planning day trips around the area, provide you with gear and maps so you won't get lost in the woods!

The Playground for all ages

We have a playground for all ages here at the Lodge of Whispering Pines.

Located right outside the Lodge you will find some monkey bars as well as some great opportunities for ball games of all kind.

If you are more into playing Volleyball or Badminton feel free to check out the designated play field in front of the Sauna house. 

Camper Showers / Laundry Room / Sauna

We know how difficult it is to plan with the right amount of clothes for a family vacation at the resort.

Luckily you can do your laundry here as well. The laundry room is located right next to the Wood-fired Sauna.

Campers, this is also where you will find your bathrooms.

The Fish Cleaning House / Motor House

After a long day out on the lake fishing, you  will most likely end up in our fish cleaning house. Find all the equipment you need here to clean your freshly caught fish.

Right next door is where we store and repair our outboard motors. Talk to John about renting a Pontoon or Fishing Lund Boat for the week and get some good insider tips for where you can catch some big ones.