Around Big Lake

International Wolf Center
North American Bear Center
Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary

Visit the International Wolf Center in Ely during your stay here. Its about 45 minutes away from the resort, but if you want to learn more about these wonderful and intelligent animals you should stop by.

Did you know that the full moon in January is often referred to as the "bear moon"? Bear cubs are generally born in January. For this and more visit the North American Bear Center which is located in Ely, MN.

How does watching a wild black bear in his natural environment sound? Visit these incredible animals at the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary and learn a lot about their life.

Bears? I'm In!
Dorothy Molter Museum

Get a taste of how Dorothy Molter, the last non-indigenous resident to live in the BWCAW.

Imagine living without electricity as you tour the cabins, and then enjoy s’mores around a campfire as you listen to stories about the life and times of Dorothy.

The Ely Folk School

The Ely Folk School encourages you to celebrate the heritage, art, traditions, culture and crafts of the northern Minnesota wilderness with classes all summer, and themed weekend events (June through January) are held for guests with specific interests. 

Bass Lake Trail

The trail is part of the Superior Hiking Trail, well-marked and varied terrain. We highly recommend a hike to the Dry Falls. There's a 3-mile loop to get there or a shorter one.

Sudan Underground Mine

This Minnesota State Park features the first, deepest, and richest underground iron ore mine in Minnesota. Tours of the mine lead visitors through the world of underground mining. The 1.5 hour guided tour will take you 2,341 feet down and more than 100 years into our past.

The Historic Pillow Rock

The Historic Pillow Rock is an excellent example of an ellipsoidal lava flow said to be 2.7 billion years old with peculiar masses formed when dark lavas flowed under water. One of the few specimens of its kind in the world; the rock is an outcrop of Ely Greenstone, volcanic origin. Turn north on 13th Avenue and go 4 blocks. Signs will take you to Main Street where the rock is located.

Kawishiwi Falls Trail

This wooded and winding trail down to the falls offers beautiful photo opportunities.  The path is relatively easy and can be extended to include the portage trail between Garden and Fall Lakes.