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Marine Rentals

Marine Rental Information

Back to the Basics!

Our boats, pontoons, and canoes are newly updated, ready for the water, and back to the basics. Our lodge started in 1926, and we still believe in life's simple pleasures and affordability for the family! These are classic marine options.

Never used a fishing boat with a hand tiller? We will provide basic instruction and training for you and your family. All our motors are late-model 4-stroke engines that are easy to start and operate.

We believe that introducing you and your children to the basics of fishing and boating in Minnesota will start a lifetime of enjoyment and family outings. Welcome back to the basics, tried and true boats, motors, pontoons, and canoes!

Minnesota has an online tutorial for basic boating for beginners. At our Dancing Bear Lodge, we can provide a learning environment and guide you or your children in the Minnesota DNR Boating School. A certificate of boating can be achieved using our equipment.

Note To Self: Big Lake is one of the top walleye-producing lakes in Minnesota and is managed by the Department of Natural Resources for walleye fishing.

Going Fishing?

We have three basic packages for you to choose from. We recommend the 16’ or 14’ fisherman’s special that is best suited for Big Lake and the back lakes near our Resort. Almost every fisherman started out using a basic no-frills package just like these. The Lund Boat and Alumacraft Boat is the pioneer of fishing boats and started producing aluminum fishing boats in the late 1940s. Since then, almost every fisherman has started in one of these classics, and they are still popular today with anglers and boaters.

Just Beginning?

Ask us about our exciting fishing program for beginners. You will not need an electric motor with these Ninja fishing boats, although they are available to rent. We do not recommend it because of the slow trolling capability of these new quiet motors.

The basic package includes Boat, motor, life jackets, boat cushions or seats, oars, anchor, fish net, bailing bucket, sponge, whistle, and ropes. We do not provide depth finders, but they are available to rent. We recommend buying a simple portable to get started with your new family fishing adventures!

Our manager Denise Myers selected these excellent Big Lake Specials for their safety and easy-to-use features. Again, we can provide training for you and your family in one of these classic Northwoods fishing boats.

14 ft Alumacraft with 9.9 hp

The perfect rig for Big Lake and our backcountry lakes.
$495/week - $110.00/day

16 ft Lund Classic Fisherman with 15 hp

Electric Start: $650/week - $125/day
Hand Pull Start: $595/week - $125/day

18’ Lund Alaskan with 40 hp

Yamaha Hand Tiller- Fishing Classic Package

We Recommend this package for experienced anglers who have previous boating experience. We can assist with all upgrade information.

$795/week - $150/day

24 ft Fish and Cruise Pontoon With 50 hp

Rod Holders, eight swivel seats, depth finder, speakers, and radio! Bring the family, this one is a crowd-pleaser all day long with a Bimini top for sunny days.

$895/week - $165/day - $125/half-day

Marine Rental Policy and tips

We have a basic policy that is industry-wide in the rental world. If you break it, you have to pay for it.

Basic Prop Costs run from $120-60 depending on the brand that you are running. We will charge an additional $75.00 to remove and replace it. This covers our maintenance cost and shipping for a new prop. If further damage occurs, you will be responsible for the entire repair bill + $200.00 for missed rental and downtime.

A good policy for you is if you do not know, just go slow, learn the lake and have some fun. You will be required to sign a rental agreement to check out the boat at the time of rental. When this is accomplished, view the propeller with your staff member, so you know what you have. We recommend taking a picture of it before you start.

  • On Big Lake, most rocks are marked but not all.
  • On Big Lake, stay away from points or between islands. The rocks stretch out into the lake.
  • On Big Lake, the walleyes live in the rocks, so stay clear of the shoreline and pitch into the banks.
  • On Big Lake, we encourage you to have fun, go slow, and learn about our beautiful lake, where the BWCA begins!